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Submarine References:

Naval Vessel Register

Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships  DANFS

Smithsonian - Fast Attacks & Boomers
Smithsonian - Fast Attacks and Boomers

Under the Sea: History of Submarines (and Parts)

Submarine Sites:

USS Theodore Roosevelt

USS Mariano G. Vallejo

Submarine Memorials

On Eternal Patrol On Eternal Patrol

Submarine Force Museum

Submarine News Service

The Sub Report

Veterans’ Organizations & Associations:

United States Submarine Veterans, Inc.

Kitchen Table Gang

USS Canopus Association

Make the Connection

Social Networks:

Theodore Roosevelt - Yahoo Group

Rontini's BBS

Don Gentry's Botom Gun BBS

Facebook: USSVI - Mare Island Base USSVI - Mare Island Base

USSVI - Volunteer Base Facebook: USSVI - Volunteer Base

Navy Sites:

America's Navy - A Global Force for Good

All Hands Magazine

Other Sailors’ Sites:

Don Gentry's Submarine

Greg Peterman's Goat Locker

Sid Harrison's Website 

Chainfall's DBF Site
Chainfall’s DBF Site

Ray Stone’s Homepage Ray Stone The After Battery

Ric Hedman's

Don Smith’s “Donmac” Site

Other Boats and Ships

CSS Hunley


USS Hornet CVA-12

USS Theodore Roosevelt CVN-71USS Theodore Roosevelt CVN-71

USS George Washington CVN-73

Submarine Merchandise

Bold Military Jewelry

BottomGun Store

USS Sealion - Submarine Meorabilia, Inc.

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